Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Pre-Teen Blog

Today, my blog turns 12.

Yes, 12!

I'm still here. Even if every post is met with silence, even if so many other blogs are ceasing to exist, even if Facebook is taking over everything, This is what Sed said remains.

It's like my diary.

To celebrate, I've given it new birthday clothes:

And here is a questionnaire to show much my life has changed since 2006:

19th June 2006
Where I lived: A unit in the Perth suburb of Cannington with my friend Emma.
What I drove: 2004 Hyundai Accent.
What I did: I was a librarian at Curtin University, full-time.
Who had my heart: No-one :(

19th June 2010
Where I lived: A farm in Buntine with Duncan, Maya the dog, Ebony the cat, Russell Crowe the rooster, and six hens - Eglantine, Maple, Reebok, Winnie, Princess Layer and Mildred. We moved in December that year.
What I drove: 2003 Holden Berlina station wagon and the Hyundai Accent still.
What I did: I worked at a grower group, three days a week, as an administration officer.
Who had my heart: Duncan and the furry and feathered kids.

19th June 2014
Where I lived: The same farm we live on now with Duncan, Rory, Maya and Gypsy the dogs, Solomon the rooster, and a declining number of hens.
What I drove: 2005 Toyota Prado.
What I did: Stay-at-home mum to Rory and casual administration officer for a ram breeding group.
Who had my heart: Duncan, Rory and the furry and feathered kids.

19th June 2018
Where I live: A farm at an undisclosed location with Duncan, Rory, Flynn, Maya and Gypsy the dogs, Brewster the rooster, and three hens - Sheba, Dixie and Esme.
What I drive: 2005 Toyota Prado.
What I do: Stay-at-home mum to Rory and Flynn, casual administration for the ram breeding group and for Flynn's daycare.
Who has my heart: Duncan, Rory, Flynn and the furry and feathered kids.

Thank you for reading along here for all or some of that time.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday Funny

It's a homegrown Friday Funny this time....

This is what happens when your child's teacher asks the class to draw a picture of something beginning with F.

Brought to you courtesy of Master Rory.

Monday, June 11, 2018

The Pendulum: Rescue Dogs

I used to be adamant about 'adopt don't shop' when it came to getting a new dog.

But living on a farm and having children has balanced my views somewhat.

Don't get me wrong....if I was looking for a dog that was to be purely a pet, I would be looking at animal shelters first. However, dogs are different to cats. Different breeds of dogs are bred for different purposes. I've had non-country friends ask me why we got Maya and Gypsy as puppies. Why didn't we get a rescue dog and train it to work with sheep?

Well, because you can't just get any old dog and teach it new tricks. It's the ignorance of city people. You need a dog with the right instinct...kelpies, border collies. Pedigree is important. If both parents are good working dogs, then the greater the chances their pups will be, too....but not always.

I'm also wary of rescue dogs now that I have small children. Some dogs have had no training, or are mentally scarred from abuse at the hands of their previous owners. These dogs need a lot of time and effort, which I just don't have in this stage of life. You need to read the description about each dog on the animal rescue's website or Facebook page. Volunteers foster dogs and assess their suitability to be around children or other pets. Some dogs are not patient with children. If I'm adopting it from a person I don't know (without going through an animal rescue organisation), I'm even more wary.

So, for me, if looking for a pet dog, I'd look at adopting first.

But if you can't find one that suits your family and stage of life, that's ok. If you need a working dog, obviously you need a particular type of dog. Don't feel bad if you choose a puppy. Don't be afraid of being lynched by the pro rescue dog, adopt-don't-shop mob.

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Meeting Audrey II

I went to a production of Little Shop of Horrors in Albany recently. At the end of the show, there was an opportunity to have your photo taken with Audrey II, the talking, human-eating plant.

Who could resist?

Monday, June 04, 2018

Benedict Cumberbatch

Can someone please answer this question?

What is the big deal about Benedict Cumberbatch?

So many of my friends love him and it seems just about everyone does. Is it his looks? His acting?

I don't get it. Please explain....

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Halfway to 70

I'm 35 today.

It has been really lovely - friends, presents, scrumptious morning tea, gardening with Flynn, takeaway fish and chips, and, of course, this beast...

I've been wanting a chocolate Viennetta for years, and have only been able to find the vanilla ones.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Wedding 1 2018

On Saturday 5th May, we attended the lovely and very joyful wedding of Bethany and Joel in Albany. Both the ceremony and the reception were on a farm in a shed that has been specifically converted and hired out for weddings. Beth went to our church until recently, and she was an absolute godsend last year after my surgery. She stayed at our house several nights a week, helped with the boys, drove me to town, and was fabulous company.

It was just an all round beautiful day.