Tuesday, December 05, 2017

No Dixie Chicks

Late last month, we had a rare occurrence here....a broody hen!

Dixie gathered nine eggs for herself and I ended up moving her into her own separate nesting area.  Given Solomon is rather advanced in years and I rarely see him with a hen (if you know what I mean), I wasn't hopeful anything would hatch.

Estimated hatching day was last Saturday.  We gave it a couple of extra days before pulling the pin.  Dixie was evicted from her nest and the nine (now rotten) eggs were disposed of.  The door to her special nest was shut, preventing her from going back in.

This is the second time we have tried to hatch eggs supposedly fertilised by Solomon.  A year ago, a friend on the farm tried putting our eggs under her broody hen, but nothing hatched.  I'm sad for the old fella.  I was hoping he would produce an heir....Rehoboam, the son of Solomon.

Even though she sat for three weeks for nothing, Dixie will not give up.  She was most annoyed at being turfed off her nest and went around the yard, puffing herself up and making the indignant cluck characteristic of broody hens.  Today, she was back on the main nest where the other hens lay, stockpiling more eggs for herself.  She was cross when I took them away.

So, it appears I will need to source some fertilised eggs from somewhere if I am to appease my cranky bird.  She gives a good peck!

As Duncan likes to say....a comfortable-looking hen.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Paddington Bear Comes To Stay

In many kindergartens, the children have to take a toy (or even a class pet) home and take photos of everything the 'thing' did while they were with you.  Rory's class has Paddington Bear (it is actually his teacher's own teddy).  I'm very glad it wasn't a live animal; when I was at kindergarten back in the day, my class had a budgie.  The poor thing must have been scared to death with all those kids!

Paddington Bear had to join in with everything Rory did for a week, from the mundane to the exciting.

Going for a drive on the farm in the ute.

At Sunday School
Having a teddy bears' picnic.

Dinner time
Flynn was quite taken with Paddington.

Sunbaking in the canola.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Like A Queen

I'd been wanting to get my hands on this book for a while when I found it in an opshop last month for....the grand total of 20c.  Bargain!

For those of you who don't know who Constance Hall is, she is a blogger from Perth, who shot to fame a couple of years ago when her post about 'parent sex' went viral on social media.  She could be classed as what you would call a 'mummy blogger', but she is more well-known for being a champion of the sisterhood, uniting mothers together and encouraging them to support each other, rather than tear each other down.

I realise this book will not be everyone's cup of tea, but there were some great things I gleaned from it.  Part biography, part opinion, there structure of the book is frustrating as it seems to leap all over the place.  I'd much prefer some kind of chronological order when she is talking about events in her life.  And she has had a very interesting life!  The saddest thing was that I read the book in hindsight....since it was published last year, she has split with her husband and is now engaged to someone else.

There are many opinions of hers that I don't agree with: I don't think it's necessary for every second word to be a swear word, and while there are many ways to parent, I don't think having an abortion is one of them.  These differences come from having such contrasting worldviews.  While some may be offended by how she writes openly about bodily functions, I have no qualms about it.  I live in a house with all males...talk about bums, farts and poos (from the four-year-old) doesn't bother me.  I loved out loud at some of the stuff she writes.  She is a brilliant writer.  Easy to read and her honest descriptions are hilarious.

Even though I don't agree with everything she says, I have always admired the way she focuses on what brings us together and that she practices what she preaches in trying to create better communities of mothers.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Quote of the Day

Drop the competition, forge a oneness between women, break down the barriers, stick it to society by saying: "No. I will not tear down other women anymore, no matter who they are or what they are doing. I will not be a part of this vicious cycle of mum shaming, bitching, stepping on a fellow woman to make myself feel valued or worthy. Because I am valued and I am worthy. I do not need to validate myself with other women's hardships."
- Constance Hall in her book, Like a Queen

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Time to Get Away

After a stressful few weeks, we really needed our weekend away visiting Duncan's parents in Dunsborough a few weeks ago.  Despite all the hassle involved with holidaying with kids, I'm glad we made the effort.

At the amazing playground in Donnybrook

Duncan's dad's handsome Rhode Island Red rooster and his wives.


The other rooster - an ISA Brown crossed with something.

Oh, how we've missed dipping our toes into the sea.

Preparing the peas with Grandma

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Kindy Sports Day

The two kindergarten classes at Rory's school held their own sports day on the 12th October.  While the rest of the school battled it out for medals, the kindy kids dressed in their faction colours (red, green or yellow) and had a taste of what faction carnivals would be about in years to come.  There were no prizes; everyone was just encouraged to do their best.  I was so proud of Rory, because he gave it a go. He's come a long way this year.


He wasn't too keen on the sack race and needed
a bit of help.

Egg and spoon race

Ooops...dropped it

He has a hopper ball at home, but this one was

Stacked it

Tug-of-war against the other kindy class (Rory's class won).

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Pendulum: Social Media and Me

I'm in a bit of a quandary about my usage of social media at the moment, so I'm wondering what others think about this?

Do you just post whatever interests you on social media?  Or do you 'tone it down' so your 'friends' don't become annoyed or offended?

I'm usually a firm adherer to the rule that your blog, your Facebook page etc. is YOUR chunk of cyberspace, and how you express yourself is up to you.  I'm not advocating ungodliness here, rather that if you want to post one hundred photos of your cat, or share articles about gun control, or funny memes, then it's YOUR page to do it on.  If someone doesn't like it....well....they need to suck it up.

But lately I've noticed that the trend to unfriend over the slightest thing is growing.  People being unfriended because they post too many photos of their kids, or are honest about their fight against depression, pose for too many selfies, are too political, share too much about their weight loss journey.  It's not only a difference of opinion that's causing the unfriending, but a difference of interests.  I'm sick of the way you post about motorbikes all the time, so I'm ending the online friendship.

As much as people might say unfriending is 'not personal', it IS personal.  It is a rejection in some way, and sometimes over the pettiest of reasons. So many people seem determined to only have a friends list who affirms their opinions and shares every interest.

I don't want to post deeply sordid things, but I do want to share articles and quotes that I am passionate about.  I don't want other mums to feel like they're the only ones struggling.  But I've been a victim of unfriending because people simply don't like what I post. These aren't people I don't see anymore; these people I see regularly.

I don't want to bow to people pleasing, but if the whole point of social media is to be social, should we care what others think, to an extent?

So, has someone's rejection of your online presence made you reconsider what you post?

Or do you continue to post what you want, saying it's my way or the highway?