Thursday, October 20, 2011

5 Best TV Couples

My Top 5 ended up dominated by Blue Heelers and Home and Away.  Here they are:

1.  PJ and Maggie (Martin Sacks and Lisa McCune) in Blue Heelers
These guys were the ultimate TV couple in the late 90s and were a major reason for Blue Heelers' ratings success.  They had millions of Australians (including myself) glued to the screen.  Maggie's death must surely rate as one of the saddest TV deaths and I cried as she died in PJ's arms.

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2.  Jack and Tess (Rupert Reid and Caroline Craig) in Blue Heelers
A lot of people doubted whether Blue Heelers would be any good after Maggie's departure, but, in my opinion, Tess did a great job in filling the void.  I loved her shortlived relationship with Jack even though it seemed destined for trouble from the start (she was his boss).  I was devastated when Jack was arrested and left the show.

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3.  Luke and Lorelai (Scott Patterson and Lauren Graham) in Gilmore Girls
How many coffees did Lorelai drink at Luke's Diner before they finally got together?

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4.  Aden and Belle (Todd Lasance and Jessica Tovey) in Home and Away
Belle was really the one who 'reformed' Aden and it was so sad that she died of cancer just weeks after their wedding after initially hiding her illness from him.

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5.  Angelo and Nicole (Luke Jacobz and Tessa James) on Home and Away
These two only just got together and then left the show!  It was so sweet how Angelo wanted to be a dad to Nicole's baby son, George.

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Who are your favourite TV couples?

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