Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Ideal Wedding

I loved, loved, LOVED Carbo and Retta's wedding on Packed to the Rafters last week.

For those of you who don't watch the show, Retta was getting a bit anxious and upset about organising a big fat Greek wedding to satisfy Carbo's family.  I laughed out loud when she showed Carbo the colour-coded seating plan and said, "Your family are in blue.  That's why it looks like we're having our reception at sea."  Boy, do I know how that feels.  Duncan's family may not be Greek, but they are numerous and it felt like I didn't really know a lot of people at the reception.  I felt for Retta when she cried to Carbo, "Your side of the church will be full and mine will be empty."  We didn't do 'sides' for our ceremony, everyone just sat wherever, but I did feel it a bit sad that about half of my already very small extended family couldn't come.

Those of who you have read my blog for a while will remember Diary of a Wedding Planning Machine.  I felt like I went through a waking nightmare to get to our wedding day.  Maybe that's why I rejoiced when Carbo whisked Retta away for a surprise elopement under a tree with just the celebrant and the celebrant's brother who he'd asked to be a witness.  The celebrant's brother had just come from a children's party and was still dressed as a clown.  Hilarious!  I loved the simplicity of the wedding although maybe I would have worn something a tad nicer.  The marriage is the most important thing - not the pomp and frills and the demands of friends and family that you do things THEIR way.

Part of me still wishes that Duncan had done that for me.  I asked him if he liked Carbo and Retta's wedding and he said no, that he still would have wanted all the family there.  Some people have said to me that I must now think all the stress was worth it.  No, I don't.  All I wanted was to marry Duncan.  While our wedding day was full of joy, I was overwhelmed by all the people and all the stress it took to get to that point.  I thought I'd like being the centre of attention, but I didn't.  Now I'm just so glad I never have to do that again and I can just enjoy life with my man.

I know they're only TV characters, but bravo Carbo and Retta for doing things your way!  I can't wait to watch tonight's episode and see if there's any backlash from Carbo's family.

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