Tuesday, July 06, 2010

My Namesake

Our friends, Isaiah and Harriet, who live next-door to Duncan's parents, had their first child on the 4th June.  Guess what they called her..... :)

Well, no they didn't actually name her after me.....but I'd like to think I inspired them.

Here's a pic of the new family of three which Duncan's mum took and emailed to us.  I'm looking forward to meeting my namesake later in the year.  My name seems to have died off a bit in popularity since I was born.  I was one of five Sarahs in my year when I graduated from high school.  This little one might have the fortune of being the only one in her class.


Iris Flavia said...

Cute pic! But Babies are nearly always cute, no?
Hmm... in my class was never (!) a Sarah!

Sarah said...

Yes, she's very cute, but honestly I think some babies are quite ugly and get better looking as they get older. :)