Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2011 Visitors' Honour Roll

We didn't have quite as many people staying at our house last year as we have in previous years.  Mostly this was due to the renovations and the fact that, at times, I really wasn't up to having stacks of guests.  But this year I'm feeling differently.  The house is done and I'm feeling a bit more 'with it'.  So, if you're up for a weekend (or even a few weekdays) on a farm three hours south of Perth, give us a yell.

My parents in February, April and August

Alison in March

Duncan's parents in April

Joel and Sam (and their dog, Sandy) in April (no photo though)

Jill (and Daisy) in July
My parents and Neil and Cheryl in October
Duncan's cousin-law, Paul, stayed on and off for two weeks in December to help out with harvest.

The Christmas mob.

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