Friday, November 23, 2012

The Post I Wasn't Planning To Write

I had planned to do a Friday Funny today.  That will have to wait until next Friday.  I'm feeling too sad at the moment.

Yesterday I found my handsome Light Sussex rooster, Russell Crowe, dead in the chookyard.  There was no obvious reason why he died.  Maybe he was bitten by something.  Maybe he was sick.  Maybe he just had a heart attack or a stroke (which I read online can happen suddenly to chickens, and not necessarily old ones).

All of the hens are fine.

Whatever happened to Russell, I still feel down.  To everyone else, he may have been just a rooster, but to me, he was a much-loved pet.

We will get another rooster eventually when I hear of someone giving away a nice, friendly adult one.

He was a lovely boy.  The chookyard doesn't look right without its king.  I'm glad he was able to have a nice home with us - I just wish it was for longer than two years and four months.

I miss Russell.  That is all.


Deb said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear that! From one potential chook owner to an actual chook owner, my sympathies.

bettyl said...

So sorry. It's sad not knowing what happened.

Karen said...

Sorry to hear your sad news, Sarah. RIP Russell Crowe :(

Iris Flavia said...

Oh, that sure is sad... sorry to hear.