Thursday, March 21, 2013

Christina's 30th

On the 2nd March, I went to my good friend Christina's 30th birthday party.  This was a night I had been looking forward to for a while.  It was a chance for me to go and feel like a human being again.  A chance to be myself rather than somebody's mother.  Duncan looked after Rory so I could have a night out.

But as the date drew closer I felt quite nervous.  It felt so long since I'd been out anywhere.  I was feeling depressed.  My body will not be the same as it was, and I knew there would be a lot of beautiful, glamorous people there.  I wondered if I would struggle to hold a conversation.

My friends Emma and Peter picked me up and off went to the Crown Casino where Christina had booked a function room.  The theme was 'white'.  My dress was one of my quickest clothing purchases ever.  I saw it, ran into the shop, tried it on and paid for it in record time while Duncan comforted a screaming Rory.   It was a really good night.  I didn't last very long as I was so exhausted after the trip to Perth and weeks of broken sleep.  But I did it.  I went out.  I made conversation.  And I wore something other than trackies or PJs.

Dodgy iphone pic #1

Dodgy iphone pic #2

Peter, Emma and I
All the ladies in white.

With the birthday girl.


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Karen said...

Good for you :) Pleased to hear you had a night off. Hope you are travelling well :)