Monday, December 28, 2015

5 Best Christmases (As An Adult)

There were too many great Christmases as a child (and my memory is getting a bit hazy), so here are the best since I've been an adult:

1.  2011
It was our first Christmas as hosts and we had both of our immediate families come to us.  The highlight was the tennis match where my brother and I defeated Duncan and his brother 7-5.

2. 2009
It was just a nice relaxing day Duncan and I spent with my family in Albany.  It turned out to be the last Christmas I would spend with my Nan.

3. 2006
Another quiet day with just my immediate family.  It turned out it would be my last Christmas before Duncan and I got together.  He rang me late that night for a chat and we both knew we were heading towards more than friendship.

4.  2002
It's always exciting to have visitors for Christmas, to spend it with people you don't usually spend it with.  That year we had my cousin's (now sadly ex) wife spend Christmas with us while he was away overseas with the navy.

5.  2010
A Dunsborough Christmas and a badly needed break.  We had just moved to where we are now three days prior and I was glad to escape the chaos.

Yes, I like party hats. 

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Iris Flavia said...

I agree, it´s mostly nice with family on Christmas.
I still have my pressies here, haven´t seen Bro and family yet. They met at Bro´s MIL and I just felt I don´t really belong, plus sooo many people, we´d hardly gotten a chance to talk.
Guess this year they also sat in t-shirts as you - the warmest Christmas I can remember over here! :-)