Thursday, May 19, 2016

5 Reasons Threenagers and Teenagers are Alike

Three-year-old child spouting attitude like a spoilt teenager.
Urban Dictionary

I have one of these at the moment.  Admittedly he didn't become a threenager overnight.  We've gone through the 'terrible twos', and even the 'terrible ones' before that.

Even though I don't have a teenager, my teen years don't seem THAT long ago *cough*.

I can definitely see why three-year-olds are likened to teenagers:

1.  Everything's a drama.  They can put on some Academy Award-winning performances when they don't get their own way.
 2. They're grumpy if they don't get enough sleep.
 3. They want to assert their independence, yet still need their parents.
4.  They can be very lazy and expect their parents to do everything for them (see point 3).
5.  When they're in a good mood, there are delightful conversations to be had.

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Wendy said...

As one who's now got teenagers I do agree. The differences are many too, for example:
1. Teenagers are often bigger than you.
2. They have many outside demands on them, including schoolwork as well as varying levels of social, sport, other involvements. That makes life quite a juggle, at just the time when communication isn't the easiest.
3. They need to learn independence in some complicated matters, whether they want to or not and whether their parents want them to or not.
4. They can be grumpy whether or not they get enough sleep.
5. They stay up late, which means "parenting" often happens much more than it does in the the primary school years when they're at school much of the day and then to bed fairly soon after dinner. Parenting until bedtime can be exhausting and leave not much time for parents to spend together nor time to unwind prior to bed.

But indeed:
1. Drama
2. Moody
3. Tug of war between dependence and independence that they don't understand.
4. Laziness can abound.
5. Great conversations can be had.

Teenage parenting is less physically demanding (aside from sleep deprivation), but more emotionally demanding than with younger kids. They're smarter and can't be so easily fooled.