Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Paddington Bear Comes To Stay

In many kindergartens, the children have to take a toy (or even a class pet) home and take photos of everything the 'thing' did while they were with you.  Rory's class has Paddington Bear (it is actually his teacher's own teddy).  I'm very glad it wasn't a live animal; when I was at kindergarten back in the day, my class had a budgie.  The poor thing must have been scared to death with all those kids!

Paddington Bear had to join in with everything Rory did for a week, from the mundane to the exciting.

Going for a drive on the farm in the ute.

At Sunday School
Having a teddy bears' picnic.

Dinner time
Flynn was quite taken with Paddington.

Sunbaking in the canola.

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