Monday, May 07, 2018

Brewster the Rooster

It took a while, but we have secured a new ruler for Cluckingham Palace after Solomon's passing.

You see, we had to wait to find out if a young chicken, owned by another family on the farm, was indeed a rooster. Brewster the Rooster was hatched from an egg we brought back from Duncan's parents' farm (his father is their handsome Rhode Island Red rooster) - one of only two eggs that hatched out of nine. After his 'deep clucking', long legs and tail feathers started to indicate he was not a hen, I picked Brewster up and brought him home to his new wives.

Brewster (named by Rory) has started to settle in. At first, he was very shy and his wives treated him more like a naughty grandson than a husband. But now he stands his ground, has started to fill out and become less 'leggy' (although maybe it's just his winter feathers), and sees me as a bringer of food, and not an enemy.

He is a fine young cockerel, who did his first crow last week. Duncan is eyeing him off for the pot, but he is all talk.

What are you looking at?
The TV show he was named after.

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