Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Pre-Teen Blog

Today, my blog turns 12.

Yes, 12!

I'm still here. Even if every post is met with silence, even if so many other blogs are ceasing to exist, even if Facebook is taking over everything, This is what Sed said remains.

It's like my diary.

To celebrate, I've given it new birthday clothes:

And here is a questionnaire to show much my life has changed since 2006:

19th June 2006
Where I lived: A unit in the Perth suburb of Cannington with my friend Emma.
What I drove: 2004 Hyundai Accent.
What I did: I was a librarian at Curtin University, full-time.
Who had my heart: No-one :(

19th June 2010
Where I lived: A farm in Buntine with Duncan, Maya the dog, Ebony the cat, Russell Crowe the rooster, and six hens - Eglantine, Maple, Reebok, Winnie, Princess Layer and Mildred. We moved in December that year.
What I drove: 2003 Holden Berlina station wagon and the Hyundai Accent still.
What I did: I worked at a grower group, three days a week, as an administration officer.
Who had my heart: Duncan and the furry and feathered kids.

19th June 2014
Where I lived: The same farm we live on now with Duncan, Rory, Maya and Gypsy the dogs, Solomon the rooster, and a declining number of hens.
What I drove: 2005 Toyota Prado.
What I did: Stay-at-home mum to Rory and casual administration officer for a ram breeding group.
Who had my heart: Duncan, Rory and the furry and feathered kids.

19th June 2018
Where I live: A farm at an undisclosed location with Duncan, Rory, Flynn, Maya and Gypsy the dogs, Brewster the rooster, and three hens - Sheba, Dixie and Esme.
What I drive: 2005 Toyota Prado.
What I do: Stay-at-home mum to Rory and Flynn, casual administration for the ram breeding group and for Flynn's daycare.
Who has my heart: Duncan, Rory, Flynn and the furry and feathered kids.

Thank you for reading along here for all or some of that time.

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