Thursday, January 10, 2019

Welcome Lindsay

Meet the newest addition to our feathered family.....Lindsay Lohen!

Like her namesake, she needs rehab.

Lindsay is an ex-battery hen who was donated to Flynn's daycare. She was getting badly pecked by the other chooks (including other ex-battery hens), so she ended up here with us. Her rehab is in a separate area to the other chooks where she can put on some weight and hopefully grow some feathers. I ended up putting Sheba in with her as Sheba has a sore leg and has been limping, and the other chooks kept pecking her to the point where they drew blood. They look like an odd duo - scrawny little Lindsay in with busty, 'comfortable' Sheba - but they seem to be getting on quite well.

Brewster the Rooster has been stalking Lindsay, marching up and down outside her enclosure and crowing repeatedly. I have issued him with several move-on notices.

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