Monday, December 08, 2008

What Your Facebook Status Says About You

Dunc's cousin Chloe who is on Facebook linked to this very interesting article about Facebook status updates. You can read it here.

Basically it gives examples of what people commonly write as their status updates, what they are intending to get across by writing that and the message their readers are getting from it.....which may not always be the message they intended!

For those of us who are Facebookers, I wonder how much thought we put into what we put as our status sometimes. Now I'm really careful to think before I type.

The ones that are annoy me the most are number 2 in the article....the attention seekers. It's like me writing Sarah is depressed and then a friend commenting on my status asking what's wrong and if they can do anything to which I'm extremely blunt and refuse to elaborate. I mean honestly, if they can't explain then why did they write that in the first place?!? I don't have any problems with people being open and honest about their daily lives but if they're going to be mysterious or bite people's heads off for asking about something they wrote publicly then it just sounds like attention-seeking to me.

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