Friday, February 24, 2012

Poll and Book Giveaway Deadline Extended!

I need a few more votes in my poll! (thanks Karen for voting)

Don't forget by voting and then writing YES in a comment, you can be in the running for this prize (see previous post).
If you're using a reader, please click through to my blog and vote in the poll.

Men, this would make a great present for your wife. :)

Even, if you've already read or own the book, your vote is appreciated.

I've extended the deadline to noon Tuesday 28th February.

Cheers :)

I realise that Facebook would be the ideal vehicle to promote my blog and this giveaway.  Why, even the brand of cat litter I buy for Ebony has its own Facebook page.  Yet I have deliberately chosen not to link to my blog from my Facebook profile for personal reasons which I won't go into here.  Therefore, I realise I will have to be content with a small, but valued, readership.

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