Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fruit, Flowers, Linen or Silk

Today Duncan and I have been married for four years!

Photo by Justine Stevens
It sounds cliched to say that time flies, but it truly does.  It feels like we have been married for only one or two years.

I'm begininng to realise that this blog is a great record of our married life.  We have changed houses, towns, churches and jobs during that time.  We have acquired numerous animals.  We have both grown and changed as people.

The traditional gifts are fruit/flowers or linen/silk (depending on which website you visit).  We haven't always given anniversary gifts, but this year I will say I have been a bit spoilt.

The past four years haven't always been easy.  There have certainly been challenges, but I am always thankful to have Duncan at my side as we walk through them together with our God.

I must say that this was not what I had planned for our anniversary....

I've had an irritated eye for the past few weeks, and after eye drops failed to help, I finally saw the doctor about it today.  He had to numb my eye and remove a piece of dirt from it.  But I had to wear a patch and put up with a blurred vision for a little while.  Sexy!  I feel like a pirate.  Arrrgh!


Iris Flavia said...

Congrats again! The above pic is sooo beautiful!
You could´ve inserted a warning, though, before coming to the eye-part. Eww, mine hurts just from reading about it, Arrrrgh!
(Admire your sense of humour through that!)

Karen said...

Congratulations :)
And hope that eye is on the mend soon...

Amanda said...

Ouch! What a way to spend you anniv! Hope its all better now. x