Monday, April 30, 2012

One Year of the Gypsy Dog

Our little Gypsy turned one recently and I can't really call her 'little dog' anymore.  Since the first lot of photos I posted just after she joined our family, she has got a lot bigger and a lot fluffier (she seems to take after her grandfather who is a pure bred Border Collie).  While Maya was the ideal 'first dog'...placid, loyal and mostly obedient....Gypsy has been more of a handful.  So now we've said, "No more puppies!"

Gypsy has had to learn that there is only room for one type of dog on this obedient dog.  Maya learnt sitting on command after one 'lesson', but Gypsy is always so excited, it took her quite some time to learn that she won't get a bone unless she sits first.  And I have to say it quite loudly and authoritatively, "SIT!"  Duncan calls her 'The Woof' because of her unfortunate tendency to bark at night.

During the first year of her life, Gypsy has had a number of adventures including being bowled over by a ram, nearly run over on numerous occasions, going to the beach for the first time, and being sterilised.  She has enjoyed many play fights with 'Auntie Maya' and lots of visits from other dogs, but her favourite creature in the whole world is no doubt...Miss Ebony Puss!  Whenever Ebony ventures outside, Gypsy is right there to welcome and sniff this strange animal.  She will watch the cat for hours, absolutely enthralled as if she is in the presence of a deity.  Ebony is not so thrilled.

Gypsy is slowly finding her feet as a sheep dog.  She is definitely 'into everything', but I love her to bits.  I admire her spirit and attitude to life.  She reminds me that life is meant to be plunged into head first and enjoyed.  She is a loving dog who will lick you to death.  She is a good friend.
Working girl!

Bath time!  4 months old 
August 2011

An out-of-focus Gypsy with her friend the (sadly) late, Meg 
November 2011
7 months
November 2011

Gypsy annoying poor Ebony again
December 2011

Oh there you are, Puss!

Making a hasty getaway
Come on, Puss, why don't you want to play?
Do you think I'm safe here?
Resting after her surgery to ensure there will be no more Gypsies. 
March 2012
As excitable as ever despite just being under anaesthetic.
Gypsy's first trip to the beach in Dunsborough.  It's a big world out there when you're a little dog.
Easter 2012

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Iris Flavia said...

Your cat is a beauty!
Funny your doggy thinks so, too (or thinks she´s nice mate...) ! :-)