Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Did It...Eventually

Back in 2009, I mentioned that I had started studying towards Certificate 2 in Business at TAFE.  This was part of my aim to find administration work after I quickly learned there are no opportunities for librarians in small country towns.

The plan had always been to do it slowly...three units per semester (towards a total of 12) and one semester per year.  Coupled with numerous stuff ups with my enrolment (they sent me no books on one occasion, and double the number of books on another, then they nearly made me repeat a unit because of a problem their end), it's a miracle I completed it.

To some people, it may have seemed ridiculous that I was taking so long to do a very basic course.  Just cram as many units into the year as possible, a friend suggested.  No, I did it slowly because I was studying externally and determined not to get stressed over it.

It took three and a bit years....but I did it!


bettyl said...

Congratulations! It doesn't matter how long it took--you did it and that's what is important. Good on ya, mate!

Amanda said...

Congrats Sarah!

Iris Flavia said...

Congrats, that´s great!