Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Season 1 of Revenge finished last night.

For those who haven't watched the show, it's about a young woman whose father was framed, convicted (and later murdered) for a heinous crime he didn't commit back when she was a girl.  Years later, she returns to the Hamptons under a new name to exact revenge on the people who were behind it all.

The series had me hooked, yet left a bitter taste in my mouth at the same time.  Duncan remarked that he's so glad we're not part of society's elite where kisses are bestowed, but everyone secretly plots to destroy one another.

I can understand why Amanda/Emily would want revenge.  I've never been grievously wronged as she had and had my whole life destroyed.   I would be sorely tempted to take matters into my own hands as she does.  But it disturbed me when one of the main characters says vengeance is justified if the person deserved it, and if they didn't, then you just have to forgive yourself.  Watching this show made me more determined to trust in God and leave things in His hands, even if my sinful nature is screaming for me to take revenge.

Did anyone else watch it?

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Janine Ripper said...

Totally off topic of your post, but I tagged you in this! http://reflectionsfromaredhead.com/2012/07/24/tag-youre-it/ Also, I have missed half of Season one since I went to China and all...so I have tried really hard NOT to read your post hehe.