Friday, September 14, 2012

The Millennium Giveaway

This is my 1000th post!

It has taken me six years, two months, and 26 days to reach four figures.

I've been wondering why it is that people read blogs, or rather why they choose to read certain blogs and not others.  Why do you read the blogs you do?  Why do you read this blog?

I've tried to brainstorm a few reasons why people may choose to read particular blogs:
  • They know the blogger in real life.
  • The blogger is in the same stage of life as them.
  • A shared faith/worldview.
  • Shared interests.
But really I have no clue.  That's why I'm interested in your answers.  Please leave a comment letting me know why you keep reading the blogs you do?  What keeps you reading?  I won't publish any answers.  Instead, I'll compile a list of reasons, but I won't say who said what. 

To celebrate the millennium here at the Sedshed, I'll be having a giveaway.  If you leave a comment with your answers, you'll go into a random draw to win either of these two prizes (winner's choice):

A copy of The Trellis and the Vine which I reviewed here:

or this beautiful Dusty Rose Pink Pendant designed and made by Amanda from her shop Polyclarific:

Even if neither of these prizes really appeal to you, consider entering anyway and think about who you could give them to as a gift. :)

This competition is open to anyone around the world.  I will announce the winner next Friday at 4pm (Australian Western Standard Time) so you have a week. :)

If you would prefer to email me your answers, you may do so to seddyed at hotmail.

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