Friday, September 21, 2012

We Have A Winner!

The random number generator thingy has selected a winner in my competition to celebrate this blog reaching 1000 posts.

It's Iris from Double Half or One Ten Without Ham.

Congratulations Iris.  Could you please email me at seddyed at hotmail dot com with your postal address and let me know which prize you would like.

Thanks to all who entered.  There were some great responses.  Some of you have quite different reasons for reading the blogs you do.  But you also said quite similar things.  Rather than copy and paste the responses, I've tried to summarise the points (I hope I haven't misinterpreted what anyone was saying).

Why I read certain blogs….
I already know the blogger personally.
I have come to know the blogger through their work and so I want to keep reading what they have to say.
The blogger and I are like-minded i.e. both Christian and have shared experiences.
The blog encourages me to press on in my Christian walk.
The blog contains information wrapped up in life experience (not all one or the other).
The blog covers a variety of topics.
The blog makes me laugh, think, feel and consider.
The blog is entertaining.
The blogger is honest about their life i.e. they don’t gloss over life’s difficulties or make out they have a perfect life.
The blog helps me cope with difficult subjects and experiences i.e. death.
The posts aren’t too long.
The spelling and grammar is good.
I learn through the blogger’s advice/opinion and it helps me make decisions about my own life.
I like to read blogs from countries I’ve travelled to.
I like the blog’s photos and historic facts.

Quite a list!

Why do I read the blogs I do?  Well, here's my list.
I know the blogger personally (or know of them i.e. a friend of a friend).

Shared faith (i.e. both Christian) and they encourage me in my faith.

Similar views on some topics.

Same nationality/location.  When I first started blogging, just about all of the blogs I read were by Perth bloggers.  This was because I was a Perth blogger, I could relate to a lot of the things they were writing about (when they mentioned a certain suburb etc, I knew exactly what they were talking about), and there was a strong chance we could actually meet in person one day.  Now I read blogs from all over the world, but I'm still primarily attracted to Australian blogs.

I can learn from them i.e. they are in a different stage of life and have wisdom to share.

The blogger responds to my comments on their blog.  Sounds silly, but I feel a bit stupid leaving comments on some blogs, only to be totally ignored ALL the time.  Sure, you don't need to respond to every comment, but I feel quite unwelcome on some blogs.

Variety.  Some longer, meaty posts.  Some shorter funny posts.  Some photos.  Some jokes.  I don't tend to read blogs that are all about one topic, unless it's a topic I'm really interested in.

A good blogging 'speed'.  When there are too many long posts in a row, I feel like I can't keep up with reading the posts and participating in the conversations in the comments.  On the other hand, I lose interest when the blogger blogs only once every six months or something.

Thanks everyone who participated.  It has been very interesting indeed. :)


Karen said...

Oh darn it, Sarah :( I meant to enter today and had your blog sitting on my screen ready to write something but some work stuff ended up sitting in front of it.

You're right, some really interesting responses there. I wasn't going to say much that was different, mainly I go on a sense that the writer is on a similar wavelength to me :) And blogs whose owners have commented on my blog, that's always rewarding :)

Congrats to your winner!

Sarah said...

Hey Karen. Oh no :(. You're on a roll with winning stuff this year, you may well have been drawn out as the winner of this too. :) Never mind, I'll be doing another giveaway sometime in the new year after the baby's born which may appeal to you - the winner will get to choose a Christian book out of a choice of about 12. :)

Iris Flavia said...

Guess what I found in the mail today!!! Thanks, Sarah, love the Dusty Rose Pink Pendant! :-)

Sarah said...

Yay! You're most welcome, Iris. I'm glad it arrived safely. :)