Thursday, October 11, 2012


One thing Duncan and I both really wanted to do while in Melbourne was to go on a tour of the MCG.  Although I'm a proud West Australian, I have to admit that the G IS the home of Aussie Rules Football.



I really enjoyed the tour, but the scary thing was how the tour guide referred to the AFL as a 'religion'.  He said that more people come to the MCG to 'worship' than to church.  That's nothing new, I guess, but it's still sad.
After the tour, we visited the National Sports Museum which is at the MCG.  It was fantastic!  A brilliant display of just about every sport Australia has been involved with, plus a great interactive area for kids and adults alike.  I especially enjoyed looking at the Olympic memorabilia.  A must-see if you're in Melbourne. 


Wendy said...

We went there on our honeymoon, but not because of AFL. It also has a large significance in Australian cricket. After all MCG is short for Melbourne Cricket Ground. I nearly lost my new husband in the museum, he was so enthralled at all the cricket memorabilia.

Sarah said...

Yeah the tour guide gave us as much cricket trivia as he did football. I'm not a cricket fan though so I was just there for the footy. :)