Friday, October 05, 2012 Cluckingham Palace

Last year I wrote a post called Henpecked about Russell Crowe's sad lack of tail and bum feathers.

Well, I'm pleased to report that there has been a significant improvement in the tail department.  A few months ago, Russell and his eight wives/concubines went through a major moult and looked very scrawny and bald.  During this time, Russell suddenly got his cranky pants on.  Whereas before he just stood there and allowed his girls to peck his bum feathers out, now he was asserting his authority.

The end result of the new assertive Russell Crowe:

Unfortunately his magnificent new tail is hiding a continued lack of bum feathers

That's Mr Crowe to you!  Yes, yes I know I'm a fine-lookin' bird.

When Duncan's parents were visiting a couple of weeks ago, his dad helped us treat the chooks for mites.

After initially struggling, the hens went quietly and had their legs dipped without much fuss:

Russell, on the other hand, was not so keen.  He might be a big boy, but he is quite difficult to catch.  He squawked and flapped and struggled:

Only in the country!  Duncan thought it was suspicious that the hens didn't seem to be laying.  Then he caught this raven stealing eggs:

It now hangs there as a deterrent to its friends who may also be considering some thieving.  It's gross, but it works!  We are now inundated with eggs again.


Iris Flavia said...

Ewww, doesn´t it smell like real bad? Here we make "people" out of straw and set a raven on it´s shoulder to scare off birds ;-)

Sarah said...

Actually it doesn't smell! I was surprised. If the flies and maggots start getting into it, then we will just get rid of it and hang another one up instead. ;)

We've tried scarecrows. too! Unfortunately they don't always seem to work out here.