Monday, December 03, 2012

Back To Bremer

I love visiting Bremer Bay!

In January, Duncan and I made plans to have a weekend in Bremer at the end of September with the same friends I went with last time (plus a heap of their friends we didn't know).  I was looking forward to sharing the weekend with the man this time (we both love four-wheel driving - even the baby loved it hehe!).

Usually we would see it as an excuse to get out the tent, but this time I really needed a decent bed, so we booked a chalet for three nights.

The road was like a river.  Such fun!

Mud, glorious mud!

A quick break before figuring out which track to go down next.

Such a beautiful beach.

What a handsome fellow.

Lunch break.  I look like a frump wearing Duncan's jumper, but, hey, I'd discovered
the ones I'd packed didn't fit anymore.

It was wildflower season.

Ellen sandboarding.

Rhianon and I.

Duncan borrowed the four-wheeler.

And he was off...

Some of the blokes and their bikes.  It was a morning full of noise
and petrol fumes.

View of the Stirling Ranges on the way home.

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Iris Flavia said...

Sounds like a great weekend!!!