Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Long Live The King

Cluckingham Palace has a new ruler.

Allow me to introduce.....


Why Solomon?  I've been asked this question numerous times.  What is King Solomon famous for having a lot of? 

Wives and concubines, of course.

Solomon with five out of his eight ladies.

We brought Solomon home on Saturday (my now former boss gave him to me).  He is a vocal fellow who is quickly learning that his ladies are very bossy when it comes to mealtimes.  It's bog in, don't wait at Cluckingham Palace.

I still miss Russell Crowe.  I'm so used to seeing a large white bird strutting around the chookyard and it's still strange without him.   The hens didn't seem to miss him at all (they were more concerned with food and their pecking order).  I told them, "Girls, I'm going to get you another rooster."  They just looked at me with their beady little brown eyes and said, "Bok, bok, booook," (We don't need a husband), "Boooook bok bok," (We can govern ourselves), "Booook booook bok," (We were tired of him using us for sex).

Our dynasty of roosters
From left: Randolph, Russell Crowe, and Solomon

Does anyone have any ideas on what type of rooster Solomon is?  We're thinking he's mixed breed.  Duncan reckons he's got Rhode Island Red in him.


Iris Flavia said...

Now that I read your "Bok, bok, booook" I don´t even know what it´s like in German!
Solomon´d say "kikerikiiiie", but the girls?
Nice gesture of your boss and bet the girls´ll fall in love with Solomon.

Karen said...

No idea of the answer to your question, but I do like your taste in rooster names ;)