Monday, April 28, 2014

Blog-Free Sick Week

I'd scheduled a bloggy break for last week, but I didn't know that, rather than be spending a few extra glorious hours editing, I'd be caring for a very sick little boy and recovering from gastro myself.

It all began two weeks ago when Rory started vomiting before he went to bed.  The next day I cancelled the scheduled 'daycare/editing day' and we spent a quiet day at home.  Despite not wanting to eat much and just wanting water, he was reasonably happy, but that night the vomiting began again...all over Duncan...all over the couch...and the carpet.  The poor little fellow!  Plus his molars are coming through!  He woke during the night with a high temperature and we gave him wet flannels, Nurofen, cuddles and love.

He picked up a bit over the next few days and had a good time at the Good Friday service at church.  But by Sunday morning he was not well at all.  We were in Albany by this stage, visiting my parents who had just returned from five weeks interstate.  Duncan and I spent the afternoon of Easter Sunday at the emergency department at Albany Hospital.  The diagnosis?  Tonsillitis.  Unfortunately this meant antibiotics for the fourth time in his short life.  He was eating so little that he got quite thin (thank goodness he was quite 'padded' before).

After two weeks of very little sleep, I started feeling quite sick in the stomach on ANZAC Day afternoon.  I took Rory and the dogs for a walk, assuming some fresh air would make me feel better.  I ran into Duncan's boss on my walk as he was driving around in his ute, and when he asked how I was going I told him I was feeling a bit crook (later on I found out he got sick at the same time I did).  By the time we were almost back to the house I was feeling so sick, I threw up several times on the ground.  After that I felt better, but it didn't last.  Later that evening I was chucking up in a bucket with a screaming Rory at my feet (oh joy!)

I thank God that my mum was willing to brave Gastro House to help look after us!  Like most times I've had gastro, it's taken a while to get back on my feet and eat normally again.

After the last fortnight I've been feeling a bit flatter.  Saying goodbye to Ebony, plus all the sickness and teething, and very little sleep has been a bit too much.  I always notice that I feel more depressed with the less sleep I get.

Both Rory and I are feeling a lot better.  Tomorrow we are attempting a daycare/editing day again.  Hopefully Chapter 42 will be done and dusted.

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