Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Swimming Against the Christian Tide

I remember when I first became a Christian....I read 1 Peter 4:3-4 and it shocked me!  Here was clear evidence that the Bible was not an outdated book of fairytales; it was real life.  It so perfectly described the uni and student housing environment that I was in at the time.

Since reading those verses, I've learnt not to be surprised when non-Christians mock me for not drinking, or speeding, or sleeping around.  It's not that I'm better than them, but Christ has changed me.  There's no way anyone can encounter the living Christ and not be transformed.  I expect to feel like the alien, the odd-bod, the square, the goody two-shoes, the boring old Nanna while I'm living in a world that is not my home.

What I didn't expect was that I'd often feel the same way in the company of some Christians!

I've been ridiculed and pressured for wanting to drive at the speed limit, not drinking to excess, or drinking before I drive (I actually haven't had any alcohol since I became pregnant with Rory...and don't miss it), being honest on my tax return, trying to tell the truth at all times, trying not to swear...I could go on.

This has been heartbreaking.  I'm not perfect, no-one is.  That's not the point.  If we're truly followers of Christ, then we've been washed clean.  Why deliberately jump into sin when His death for us was so costly for Him?  Why be a discouragement to others who are wanting to live God's way?

The world is a shiny, tempting place at times with lots of people who will be amused and offended at Christians wanting to swim in a different direction.  I just didn't expect some Christians to oppose and scoff at their brothers and sisters wanting to swim upstream.

I don't get it.  Please explain...


Wendy said...

Can't explain. It doesn't make sense to me either.

bettyl-NZ said...

I think it depends on how you define 'Christian' and what experiences they have had with Jesus. I find that most 'Christians' are what I call 'insurance policy Christians' which means they want to go to heaven, but they still want to enjoy the world. They have never immersed themselves in scripture or gone through places where the only choice was to trust in Him.

I have also learned that I should pray for them to really know what they believe and to get closer to Christ and leave them in His Hands.

Sad but true.

Sarah said...

I'm talking about genuine Christians who are in regular fellowship and know the Bible reasonably well - not those who are nominal and just tick 'Christian' on a Census form or something, but don't actually believe the gospel.

It seems that when it comes to obeying the law, things like drink driving, financial honesty, piracy and copyright etc are blind spots for many Australian Christians. Some think that because Jesus is Lord it means they don't have to obey the law of the land.