Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Farewell Coxy

Not only am I sad that the Eagles didn't make the finals, but I'm also disappointed that we won't get to see Dean Cox on the park once more.  At least his final game was a winning one.

He went from gangly and out-of-shape to one of the finest ruckmen...ever!  His mobility and the way he collected as many possessions as a midfielder revolutionised the game.

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 Apart from dropping the f-bomb on TV after the 2006 Grand Final, and losing a few bets with Dockers' players over who'd win the derby (apparently he had to run through the streets of Fremantle wearing a Dockers' guernsey and another time he had to wash one of the Dockers' player's car), his career was mostly highlights.

He will be sadly missed.  I'm thankful the Eagles' ruck stocks are so good though.

Bye Coxy!  Thanks for the memories *sniff*

When I saw Big Cox's arms go up, I knew they'd won since I
couldn't hear the siren over the noise around me.
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Oh the shame!  At least he was a man of his word.
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