Friday, September 05, 2014


Rory's at that age where he loves 'helping'.  He gets so chuffed when we praise him for his help, that he wants to do it more and more.  Even though I could get things done ten times faster on my own, I want to encourage him.  After all, he probably won't always be so keen to help.

These are his current jobs:
  • Feeding the dogs - I scoop the biscuits out and he carries them down to the dog yard and pours them into the bowls.
  • Stuffing bits of grass through the wire of the chook pen for the chooks to eat.
  • Weeding the garden (sometimes he tries to pull up plants or just sits on the grass and pulls up clumps of it).
  • Watering the pot plants with the watering can (even though he gets more water on himself than on the plants).
  • Carrying things down to the car (usually his sippy cup or any toys he wants to bring along).
  • Stuffing the dirty washing in the washing machine.
  • Handing me pegs when I'm hanging out the washing.
  • Unpacking the dishwasher (yes, we have one now...woohoo!)
  • Handing me or Duncan our clothes to get dressed, and handing me my flannel when I get in the shower.  Yesterday, he brought my towel to me to hang up, too.
I'm really enjoying this age at the moment.  He's a lovely, helpful little boy.

He wants to be just like his dad, wearing his beanie, dressing gown and boots

Wanting to drive already
Carrying the dog biscuits

Here you go, dogs