Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Greatest Sacrifice

ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day are almost considered days of religious observance in Australia.  People tend to look at you in horror if you're not attending marches or observing a minute of silence.  It's like the religion for the irreligious.

I don't mean that to be in any way disrespectful to those brave men and women who gave up their lives so we might enjoy the life and freedom we do today.  To give up one's life is indeed a great sacrifice and I pray they are never forgotten as long as this earth remains.

But there is someone whose sacrifice was greater than the ANZACs or any soldier.


The ANZACs died and remain in their graves.  Jesus died and physically rose again.

The ANZACs gave their physical lives to preserve our physical lives, but we will still die one day.  Jesus gave His life so that one day, although we will still die, those who trust in Him will have new, physical, resurrection bodies. 

The ANZACs died to keep us free from something external - invasion.  Jesus died to free us from something internal - our sinful nature.

The ANZACs, as part of the Allies, defeated the soldiers from enemy countries.  Jesus defeated sin, death and the devil.

The ANZACs' sacrifice was supposed to be in the war to end all wars.  Yet the twentieth century had more wars and more casualties than ever before.  Jesus' death was once for all.  It is finished.

The ANZACs were great.

Jesus is the greatest.

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