Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Toddler Taming

I'm only two years into this parenting gig, but I've already worked out one thing when it comes to toddlers and parties...

It doesn't take much.

Water, balloons, bubbles, a few packets of chips and're all set.

We had a very basic 2nd birthday party for Rory in Perth last weekend.  There were seven kids, including him, ranging in age from nine months to four years.  Plus, we enjoyed catching up with our friends, too.

Originally we were going to have the party in Kings Park, BYO everything and we would provide the birthday cake.  A temperature forecast of 38C changed those plans and we hastily arranged to have the party at the house we stay in when we come to Perth.  Duncan quickly went out and bought a paddling pool.

Afterwards, a friend thanked me for lowering the bar when it comes to kids' parties.  She said I made it doable for her when her daughter turns two in a few months time.  I was only too happy to oblige.  If this is 'lazy parenting', then it works quite well for me. ;)

This was the most elaborate part.  The teddy cake
(a joint effort by Duncan and me).
Rory's obsessed with teddies.

When Rory saw the cake, he exclaimed, "Ted!"

He became shy while we sang 'Happy Birthday'.

Rory's friend Jethro helping him open his presents.


Wendy said...

Absolutely, go simple! My husband reminds me of this when I'm obsessing over the cake decorating: they'll love it and eat it, not see the mistakes I can see.

Sarah said...

Ours was a dairy, egg and nut free cake because of Rory's allergies. He doesn't like cake much though, he's more of a savoury fellow.