Thursday, February 12, 2015

Still Alive

I'm still here, I've just felt like a break from blogging.

I've been sick and couldn't attend a wedding we were invited to, which was very disappointing.   Thank goodness for my mum and Duncan holding the fort.  I'm feeling a bit better now though.

We chose to can our Perth holiday and go to Albany instead.  Partly because of the heat and I just couldn't handle rushing around visiting everyone.

Rory chose to wean himself off his dummy (we bought him a new one and he chucked a sad because he wanted the old one).  He only used it for sleeping, but this resulted in a lack of sleep for his mummy and daddy for a while.  He seems to have adjusted for now, praise the Lord.  I was afraid he was going to drop his day sleep and that would not be good.

Summer has just been so, so draining.

We are off to Esperance on Monday.  When we get back, blogging will resume with some regularity.

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