Monday, March 23, 2015

Rory Meets Esperance

I was SO looking forward to introducing my little boy to one of my favourite holiday destinations.  We had some beach weather (nothing like the couple of 45C days we've experienced on our last two visits, thank goodness), and some more typical windy Esperance weather.

Over the five days we were there we enjoyed swimming and wading, making sandcastles, fish and chips at the foreshore, a spot of opshopping (me), dinner at a Chinese restaurant, and generally trying to relax as much as anyone can with a toddler.  Unfortunately the holiday house we were staying in had aircon in the loungeroom, but no insulation, so the bedrooms were like furnaces.  Rory did not have an afternoon nap AT ALL that week, and we had some very disturbed sleep at nights as well.

Twilight Beach

Lucky Bay

Frenchman's Peak

I asked him to smile and this is what I got.

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