Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Dreaded Allergy Testing....One Year On

Yesterday, we made a flying visit to Perth for Rory's follow-up allergy testing.  Yes, it's been a whole year since that devastating initial diagnosis.

I'm very happy to report that the visit was a resounding success.  So, so different to last time!  It was the same doctor, but he had a much friendlier bedside manner.  Last time Rory screamed like he was being murdered, but this time he was calm and co-operative, and even giggled as the allergens were placed on his arm.  He NEVER usually reacts well at doctors' surgeries, so that was definitely a miracle from God's hand.

The best news is that he has outgrown all of his minor allergies to some fruit and vegetables (tomatoes, squash, strawberries) and his dairy and egg allergies have significantly reduced.  We can now start the desensitisation process of first giving him biscuits containing dairy and egg, followed by cake, then pancakes, and quiche.  He has a follow-up appointment in October, and if all is going well, we can proceed further with hard-boiled eggs, butter and cheese.

He wasn't retested for his environmental allergies (cats, dustmites and grass) as the allergist believes they will be permanent.  I was a bit disappointed.  I guess I was hoping for a miracle.  I may not be able to ever get Ebony back, but I was hoping to get another kitty one day.

But overall, I'm so thankful to God that my little boy can now start enjoying some new foods.  The hard bit will be convincing him it's ok to eat them now.  He's so used to not being allowed certain things; he knows which things he can eat and that's that.

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