Monday, February 29, 2016

5 Blog Posts on Parenting That I Can Relate To At the Moment

1. Ten Tips For Getting the Balance Right with Kids and Food - No Reading at the Breakfast Table
2. Slow Parenting - No Reading at the Breakfast Table
3. How I Won the Vegie War: Part One - The Key to the Door
4. How I Won the Vegie War - Part Two - The Key to the Door
5. A Question About Feeding Toddlers - In All Honesty

I wonder if you can guess which child is causing me the most grief right now....

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Meredith said...

Ha ha! I can guess which one it is. But do you know what, given the next post you have put up, think about not stressing over this for now. I won the vegie wars when said child was four and a half. If you don't win the vegie wars this year it won't matter. Juice, smoothies, children's multivitamins...what ever will be accepted will bridge the gap in the meantime. I reckon the vegie war is a bit like toilet training. It's all about when mum is ready, not the child. But yes, I feel your pain on this one. Take care.