Tuesday, September 06, 2016

First the Flu, Then Gastro

Rory and I came down with gastro in the early hours of Monday morning. Duncan is still well and stayed home from work to hold the fort yesterday. He must have a stomach of iron as he never gets gastro. Flynn still seems to be well, although his last nappy was so foul, I had to open the windows in his room to air it out. I'm hoping it's not the start of something.

I've been madly clearing my calendar for the next few days. I'm supposed to be doing Front of House for a play in town on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights, but I've had to let the rest of the committee know I won't be in tomorrow. I'm sure a cast with gastro is just what they need....not!

Please, Lord, no other ailments for a while.

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Wendy said...

I remember those early years when you just never seem to get out of the woods before something else comes along. Hang in there sister!