Friday, June 19, 2009

The Birthday That Almost Never Was

The Sedshed turns three today. Happy Birthday dear bloggy :)

And to think I almost shut it down in January....this milestone would never have been reached. I'm off to have some chocolate to celebrate!

In celebration of the Sedshed's 3rd birthday, I'd like you to think back over its history (or for as long as you've been reading) and let me know what you think was the most memorable post. Was it a post that made you laugh? Or did it make you cry? Did it make you angry? Or encourage you? Or rebuke you? Did it change your life? (ok maybe that's a bit extreme hehe).

Please vote by leaving a comment (anonymous if you prefer).

P.S. If I get no votes I'll be very sad :(


Amanda said...

Ok, I'll go first. I think that your pre-wedding posts are the ones that stand out for me. I got to know you via those posts because as you know we didn't meet until the wedding. Your post about people not RSVPing was interesting. : )

Iris Flavia said...

Happy belated!!! Glad you´re still around! :-)

The post I remember most was the one where you told us how people – it was one certain person? - tried to get you and your now husband to seperate. My!!! That made me sad and mad at the same time.

And glad also to know they failed, too!

Rusdy said...

Your opinion on different things are always interesting, as they rarely discussed in the blogosphere (especially the one that is not so anonymous, people are afraid of their own thoughts probably?)

In the lighter note, definitely like the Friday Funny. Simply funny and clean!

Mark Edwards said...

You always express your opinion clearly...and sometimes quite frankly! Sometimes I wonder what would happen if some of the people who you are talking about read some of this stuff! :)

as with most blogs, there are probably a lot more readers than commentators...

Sarah said...

Thanks for your comments everyone.

Mark, yes I do wonder sometimes how some people would react if they read my blog. I try to discuss things that I have already talked to people in person about and keep it anonymous but it is tempting to just vent sometimes.