Friday, June 26, 2009

Embedding YouTube Clips Into A Blog Post

I have to admit I'm a bit of a dumbass sometimes when it comes to technology and this is probably obvious with the number of times I've asked for technical help on this blog before.

Well techheads, I need your help again :)

I was wondering if it's possible to embed more than one YouTube clip into a single blog post? You see I've found five clips that I want to embed in one post rather than in five separate posts. I've searched Blogger/Google help and YouTube help and I read that I can copy the 'embed code', choose 'Edit HTML' instead of 'Compose' when I create a new post and paste the embed code into it. But it didn't work!

Am I doing something wrong, is there another way or is it just not possible?

Help me pleeeeeeeeeease. Thanks dudes! :)


Mark Edwards said...

1 Open new post in one tab.
2 select edit html

3 go to you tube, copy embed code (right hand side of video)
4 paste into new post
5 leave a line spare


Sarah said...

Thanks Mark but I tried that and I didn't work. I left a line between each video and all I got were blank squares with the little red cross in the corner. I'll try again though. Cheers.

Sarah said...

I just tried it again. It works! Yay! Thanks :)