Tuesday, August 18, 2009

5 Things I Love About Winter

1. Rain on the roof at night when you're all tucked up in bed.
2. Getting to wear scarves, beanies and nice woolly jumpers.
3. Footy and netball season.
4. Snuggling under a doona while watching TV with the fire going.
5. Watching thunderstorms from the window.

What are your five favourite things about winter?


bek said...

hmmm well lets see...
1. i hate winter
2. i hate that i can never get my feet warm
3. i hate the constant rain on me when trying to get the groceries in the car or clip eme into her seat
4. i hate all the scarves and jumpers
5. i really hate winter

sorry hon...cant think of anything nice to say bout winter

Sarah said...

Well you just have to copy those answers onto my next one.....5 Things I DON'T like about winter hehe