Monday, August 10, 2009

The Hunk Turns 28

We had a birthday gathering just with our local friends for Duncan's birthday a couple of weeks ago. The reason we invited only locals (all who ended up coming were from our church) was the size of our house. Thankfully the weather was fine and we had a fire outside. The theme: Bring and Share DESSERT NIGHT.

After Duncan had planned it for a Saturday night and emailed out invites, I realised he had scheduled it straight after a very important event....The Western Derby. I was warned that I wasn't allowed to sulk if the result didn't go my way....and I didn't. I was a good girl ;)

My sheep cake I made for Duncan. The head looks a bit munted but it was the first novelty cake I'd attempted since primary school cake competitions.

Geof and Ellen.

Ruth, Erryn and Joel.

The Hunk cutting his cake.

Karina enjoying some dessert.

Erryn and Karina.

Our FAB friends who helped out in the kitchen. They were a blessing :)
Robyn, Darren and Ian.

Lovely warm fire.

Everyone warming themselves.


bek said...

What a cool cake!! Good job!! looks delicious too! Happy bday Duncan...hope you 2 had fun in melb!!!

Sarah said...

Hey long time no blog correspondence :)

Hope you guys are going well. Eme gets cuter with every new photo I reckon. Yeah we had heaps of fun in Melbs. I am depressed about being back I think.