Friday, November 20, 2009

Blog Policy?

Since discovering for myself the wonders of the humble blog, I've encountered a few bloggers who have mentioned in their posts that they have created a 'blog policy.' When I first got wind of this, I was quite surprised. A blog policy? Is blogging that serious that I could possibly need one?

I can see that blog policies have been designed so bloggers and their commenters can interact graciously with each other. For example, I've seen that quite a few fellow bloggers dislike anonymous comments, especially when the commenter is hiding behind their anonymity in order to cowardly have a go at the blogger and their views without ousting themselves. Fair enough, I say. I've also seen policies that ask people not to comment if they are going to post abusive, degrading or overly critical things. Fair enough too.

When I started my blog, I had no idea what direction it was going to head in but I quickly discovered what annoyed me along the way. So I guess this is my 'policy'. I realise that I can't ban people from my blog, but I can ask them to be decent human beings. I also realise that some fellow bloggers will disagree with my policy or think I'm being too anal....just as I may disagree with theirs but I respect their right to have it. Fortunately, I haven't had many problems with abusive or argumentative people and I hope it stays that way!

  • I'm not entirely against anonymous comments, as some people are, but if you're going to make a controversial or argumentative comment, then please put your name....even if it's just 'Bob' or something. Otherwise, I'll assume you have something to hide. General anonymous comments are fine.
  • This is not a 'rule' or anything but I'd appreciate it if lurkers on this blog would give an occasional comment....even if it's anonymous. I realise that there are always going to be more lurkers than commenters and lurkers are more than welcome to lurk if they wish, but letting me know you visit would be an encouragement to me.
  • If I know you in 'real life' and you think something I've posted on this blog is downright wrong, then please let me know in person rather than leaving anonymous comments. If you think I'm going to bite your head off.....then maybe keep your head and don't say it ;)
  • You're more than welcome to use my photos or quote things I've written here, but please acknowledge me if you do. There's nothing worse than finding out someone has ripped off your idea or creative work. You don't have to ask my permission although do be careful about using photos that I've taken of other people, especially if you plan to use them publicly. It's a bit like quoting something in an assignment. You don't have to personally contact the author, but you must acknowledge it was their idea.
  • If you read this blog, I'd appreciate it if you didn't 'advertise' for me by telling mutual friends that I have a blog and where to find it. I'll do my advertising myself. My blog isn't a secret, but I don't want some people here (particularly those who fall under the third dot point).
  • You may disagree all you like, but I ask that you do it with maturity and respect.

Well, I guess that's my policy :)

Do you have a blog policy? What are your guidelines for your readers?

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