Friday, January 15, 2010

I Dream of Haiti

On Wednesday night I had the strangest dream.

I dreamed I was in Haiti to help with disaster relief following the catastrophic earthquake. Duncan was there as well as many Christians from my current church and my former church. We were all there to help in various ways. I'm not sure what triggered this dream. Perhaps it was reading Rodney's post about the situation or the fact that it was on the news when my clock radio went off (I pressed snooze and fell asleep again). Either way, it was good to dream about something positive (in the sense that I was there to help) rather than something scary or just plain weird.

But it was frustrating because I only had a toddler's bike to get around on and I was pedalling away looking to help but I didn't really do anything important. I just made some craft things to give to orphans and then we went home.

I'm not sure if this dream has any real meaning or not but when I woke up, I was close to crying and I couldn't stop thinking about the plight of a country I'd previously thought little about. I was touched to the point of desperately wanting to do something to help the Haitians but not sure what on earth I could do from halfway across the world.

There was something I could do....something we can all do. Pray and give.

I'm often guilty of doubting the power of prayer. But prayer is not a cop-out. It is asking the God of the universe, the only one who has complete control of the situation, to stretch out His mighty hand and help, to save lives both physically and spiritually. I couldn't help but be incredibly grateful for all that I have and the privilege of sharing some of that with the people of Haiti. I may not be able to do big things but I can do little things with a lot of love and if each of us did that, imagine the impact.

If you would like to give to the aid appeal in Haiti, you can donate online through Compassion Australia, the Australian Red Cross, UNICEF, Medecins Sans Frontieres or World Vision just to name a few.

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