Monday, February 01, 2010

Christmas and Boxing Day

Each Christmas we alternate between our two families. 2007 (when we were engaged) was our first Christmas together and we spent it in Albany with my family. In 2008, we spent our first Christmas as a married couple with Duncan's family in Dunsborough. For 2009 we were back in Albany.

As nice as it is having a family-in-law, 2008 was strange because it was my first Christmas without my family and I'm sure 2007 was just as strange for Duncan. Last year, he was much more familiar with how my family celebrates from having present opening together to wearing a silly hat at lunchtime.

Boxing Day was spent out at Frenchman Bay, one of my favourite spots. Emma and Peter joined us as did a few other friends briefly and we spent the day picnicking, swimming, walking along the beach and having a nice long chat in between swatting the many unwelcome march flies.

Emma and Peter are going to be parents in July. So so EXCITING!


Iris Flavia said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! :-)
I´m lucky, our families live some 10 km apart, so it´s always possible to see them both :-)
You have the better weather, though!

Hampers said...

Great family! So glad you had such a great Christmas break!! Take care, friend!