Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Pretty much straight after the Opshopathon, I headed to my friend Sarah's birthday.

The theme was 'Bad Taste' which was easy for me.  I just raided my costume bag, put together a bunch of random garments...and voila!  Hideous!

Reba, Lyndsay and Sarah

Me and the birthday girl.  Another person told her she looked like a cool 1960s mum.

Richard and Jono.  Richard had a real mullet for the occasion.


Corinne and Olivia

Sarah and I

The birthday girl with her cake.

No, she really wasn't turning 60.

Craig and I.

Mick wearing Sarah's wig.  That wig certainly did the rounds.

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Iris Flavia said...

Oh.My. Ohmyohmy :-))) Fun idea!