Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Techy Stuff

Until a little while ago, I had this Blogger profile picture which displayed on my own blog and when I left comments on other blogs:

But then a few months ago, I did a very silly thing.  I went into Picasa and wondered why there were so many copies of this photo in the album.  So I deleted some of them.

Nooooo, Sarah, NOOOOOO! Bad, bad decision!

After this, I noticed when I commented on some blogs, my profile picture was replaced by this horrible looking image:

Then Blogger Help provided the answer:


In short, DON'T delete anything from your Picasa Web Albums.  Even if it looks there are 50 copies of the same photo.  Don't touch it.

I ended up changing my profile pic to one of my favourite photos of all time - the jumping, action shot. :)

So now this picture will display with my comments.  BUT it still doesn't fix the comments I've left on other blogs in the past.  They still have the ugly exclamation mark.

I thought I'd mention this in case anyone was experiencing the same problem....or was considering deleting photos from Picasa.

Oh, and something's gone wrong with my header picture.  I looked at my blog on one computer and the header picture had shrunk by half.  But then I looked at it on another computer and it seemed relatively normal, except maybe a bit smaller.  There have been stacks of bloggers reporting this in Blogger Help, but, although Blogger says it's a 'known problem', they haven't mentioned a fix for it yet.

Could you please do me a favour?

Could you please look at my blog and tell me if the header picture looks 'normal' to you?



Meredith said...

Hi Sarah.

Your shed picture is only half (left hand side) here in my computer. Although the last time I looked, which wasn't that long ago, it was the full picture. Tricky stuff. Blogger is really fantastic but every now and then, especially with photos and formatting, it seems to go a little crazy.

Hope you are well.

Sarah said...

Thanks Meredith. That's what was happening to me yesterday. I looked at my blog on one computer and the shed picture was only on the left hand side. But when I checked on another computer it was the full picture across the screen (although slightly smaller). I thought maybe deleting the header picture and then reloading it would help, but now when I go to the Design tab in Blogger it displays an error message:
Additional information
blogID: 29921791
host: www.blogger.com
uri: /display

Apparently Blogger is working on getting this fixed ASAP as a lot of people have reported it. Just letting anyone who's reading this know in case they're having the same issue.

Ronnica said...

You gotta love nonsensical techy things...

Sarah said...

Woohoo! There's a fix http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/blogger/thread?tid=0d204e12bf2c3e49&hl=en&search_impression_id=86848882a912fb4d%3A13437dc8b3a&search_source=related_question

It looks normal to me now. How about for everyone else?

Iris Flavia said...

Looks good, there is a turquois bar to the right, though.

Sarah said...

Thanks Iris. The turquoise bar was there before. I couldn't figure out how to get the header just the right size.

Rusdy said...

Best way to do it is to upload an image with an exact pixel size with the header (which most likely trial and error :) ). When I clicked your image source, looks like blogger resized it for you?

I guess it's a bit hard to compose your shed photo to an exact 930 by 350 pixel without stretching it :)

Sarah said...

Hey Rusdy, congrats on becoming a dad. :)

Yeah it took a lot of trial and error the first time I uploaded that header pic (probably about 20 attempts - no joke).