Friday, December 09, 2011

5 Posts With No Comments Which I Thought Might Have Got At Least One

1.  Becoming a Christ-Like Footy Follower
2.  Lesson 9 From Sarah's School of Dating
3.  Forgiveness: The Aftermath
4.  Opinion Etiquette
5.  The Pendulum: Wisdom and Trust


Anonymous said...

Sed if someone disagrees with you there is no second chance.Why would anyone comment?

Sarah said...

Anonymous, I am not against people disagreeing with me as long as we can have a mature discussion about it. I am against anonymous comments where people want to put their opinion, but not stand by it by putting their name. I have said this before on this blog a number of times and, from reading other blogs, I know there are quite a few bloggers who feel the same.

So, you know who I am....why won't you tell me who you are?