Tuesday, June 19, 2012

5 More Things I've Learnt in 6 Years of Blogging

It's that time of year again!

This blog is still here six years on!  I might even make it to 10 years one day.  I doubt it...but never say never.

Here are some more things I've learnt over the past six years...

1.  Blogging can be cliquey.  The old saying goes, If you think you're not in a clique, you probably are.  Bloggers and blog readers seem gravitated to those in the same stage of life, those they already know in real life, and the 'gurus' - celebrities (including well-known Christian leaders and writers) who blog.  Mums will read mummy blogs, pastors will read pastors' blogs....that's just life.  I've had to learn contentment in being a lone ranger blogger.  I'm just here doing my thing, but I've been blessed by those who are in a different stage of life who have reached out in friendship across the blogosphere.

2.  I still don't get the 'you're invited to follow my blog' comments (I know I mentioned this in Blogging Etiquette).  To be frank, those comments kind of annoy me.  I'm wondering if it is an American thing?  Aussies just tend to click the follow button if they like a particular blog.  Unless it's a locked blog, nobody needs an invitation.  Please don't pressure me to follow blogs.  I don't like it.

3.  Following on from point #2, there is a kind of pressure to keep reading/commenting on a blog once you've started or if someone comments on yours.  I read a comment on another blog somewhere about this.  It's kind of like you're being disloyal if you leave for a bit.  I'll admit it's disappointing to lose readers, but I'd hate for people to comment because they felt obligated to.

4.  If you're a blogger, it's YOUR blog.  Never forget that.  That doesn't mean you should use it for evil, but you CAN blog about what you want.  If you want to moderate comments, then moderate.  If you want to only use your first name, then do that.  There are a lot of trolls out there who love to stir as long as no-one knows who they really are.  Your blog is what you make it and you shouldn't have to explain your preferences to anyone.

5.  If you're commenting on a blog, click the receive follow-up comments by email option.  I find that I and many others leave comments and then forget to check up on the conversation later.

Thanks for reading along....however long you've been here. :)

P.S.  In keeping with tradition, the Sedshed has a new birthday outfit.  If you're using a reader, click through to see.


bettyl said...

Congrats on another year! I don't worry about 'invitations'. If I want to read, I read. If I don't, I don't. And I don't feel bad if I don't. I'm pretty sure the invitee doesn't keep track of me!

Sarah said...

I don't feel bad about not following certain blogs, but it does amaze me how some bloggers are so arrogant to assume that if they hassle you enough, you'll give in and follow them. I've had a look at some blogs I've been invited to follow and I'm just not interested. That doesn't mean that their blog is bad - it's just not my thing. I've received quite a few 'invitations' from the same bloggers over and over. Now I just moderate them out.

Michael Hunt said...

Nice to see your "new" sed shed photo has a roof on it :-)

Meredith said...

Happy 6th anniversary. Hooray for you. Of course you will get to 10 years, and more.

Karen said...

Keep up the good work Sarah. Your stuff is always interesting to read, I love the perspective of someone who has a few different things to say :)

Janine Ripper said...

6 years~awesome stuff. Woah. I didn't realise you had been doing it so long...or maybe I had. I have no idea hehe. Congrats and I love all of the points you listed, esp about being a lone ranger.

Iris Flavia said...

First: Love your new design, Sarah! Very cool and very relaxing, too (like, if I´d looked out the window and see snow, I´d come over just for the view ;-)....)
And yep, never say never, time so runs, I´m with this six years, too, now, and find it comforting to have the chance and look back in my life, pics and all included, bad and good times. First give me strenghts and second a smile.
I love to read Mum-blogs, btw. Even before I became an Aunt.
#3 - I come by cause I like your fresh point of view even in not so good times and cause I´ve visited your country and it´s like coming back, kinda.
#4 & 5 Totally agreed.
Ups. Missed the tradition. This change was just awesome, sprang to my eye :-)