Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What The Storm Did

After the first storm on Sunday:

Parts of our roof that were blown into the neighbouring paddock.

Ebony and I are currently staying with my parents in Albany.  I'm waiting to hear from Duncan about damage from the second storm last night (which apparently was as bad as the first).  Duncan is staying with his workmate as he needs to be around to see what's happening with the house.  Our roof was fixed temporarily after the first storm.  I'm not sure whether it will have held up last night though.  There was rain coming into two rooms on Monday and Duncan and some of the other farmhands had to shift everything out.

I'm grateful to be in Albany where everything is working as it should.  But I'm also looking forward to going home.


bettyl said...

What a storm! I'm so glad you all are ok.

Karen said...

Wow. Hope there's not too much more damage from the second round, and that you can get back home very soon :)