Friday, April 26, 2013

The Bubba: 6-13 Weeks

Rory is getting fatter...and fatter.  He is so cute and did his first ever giggle the other day.

6 weeks

Rory and Roary. 6 weeks
 With his friends Roary and Fishy. 8 weeks
Daddy's boy. 9 weeks
All ready to go to a 30th birthday party. 9 weeks
Country boy. 9 weeks
Big smiles. 9 weeks
This photo was taken in hospital.  I sent it to Duncan
because he misses us so much.  11 weeks
Full. 11 weeks
Fun on the playmat.  11 weeks
So colourful and exciting.  13 weeks
13 weeks

Tummy time. 13 weeks
13 weeks
The vest Duncan's auntie knitted for him. 13 weeks
Handsome smiley fella.  13 weeks


Milika said...

Thanks for photo update, Sarah.

That is a very cute vest, on your smiley handsome boy.

Wendy said...

Lovely Sarah!

bettyl said...

He's just adorable! You both look happy.

Karen said...

Such lovely photos :) He is looking very happy and healthy, hope you are travelling okay too xx

Deb said...

Oh he is scrumptious! What a lovely cuddly little fellow with such an expressive little face.