Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In Memory of My Auntie

Mother's Day was a sad day for two of my cousins this year.

On the 15th April, my Auntie Alison, who I visited in Adelaide nearly four years ago, lost her battle with lung cancer.  I was in hospital when I got the news.  I wanted to go to Adelaide for the funeral, but my mum advised me it wouldn't be a good idea when I was already so fragile.

I only met her a couple of times in my life, but she never failed to send me a card for my birthday.

She was my Nan's daughter-in-law and they were so much alike in personality, despite them not being blood relatives.  Even when my uncle passed away, they always kept in touch every fortnight by phone.

I will miss her.

Auntie Al and her dog, Max

With my mum and I

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